Erickson is situated in the Parkland Region of the province, along Provincial Trunk Highway 10 en route to Riding Mountain National Park. Erickson is nestled in a very scenic countryside with Leda Lake in the background. The surrounding area is truly a hunter and fishermen’s paradise, as many lakes and wooded areas dot the area. Rolling hills and valleys surround the town, and much of the area is perfect for agricultural operations.

The agricultural land and many farms surrounding Erickson give rise to many businesses and services in the town. The surrounding area is a rich mixture of grain, oilseed, specialty crops, dairy farms, cow/calf operations and feedlots. The town caters to the farming community by providing supplies and inputs as well as equipment sales and repair facilities.

As one of the last urban centers before the entrance to Riding Mountain National Park, the town also has a strong service industry that provides retail goods, supplies and provisions to vacationers entering the park for a weekend camping trip, or an extended backcountry stay. Other features of the landscape attract scores of hunters and fishermen to the area while seasons are open. Food and lodging services are available in town, as well as, guiding and outfitting establishments. Tourism booms in Erickson throughout all seasons of the year.


“The Land of the Vikings” was originally settled by Scandinavian people, which is reflected in the many unique areas and family names. A diverse blend of ethnic backgrounds now represents the area. Erickson’s elevation of 2054 feet makes it the highest town in Manitoba.

Erickson began as a Post Office in the home of Albert Erickson in the 1890’s. The railroad arrived in 1905 and attracted many people to the area, so a town site was surveyed along the boundary of land owned by Erickson and Mr. Peter Abel.     Today, this division forms Erickson’s Main Street.

As the local population grew, more lots were surveyed on both farms, and Erickson developed. The first school was opened on Able’s land in 1907, and it was expanded in 1919. Health services in Erickson began with the hiring of a doctor in 1922, followed by construction of a nursing unit in 1950 which eventually progressed to the present day Personal Care Home.
The town was officially incorporated in 1957, and has remained quite prosperous ever since. Erickson’s present elementary school replaced the original school on the same lot, and a   collegiate was built in 1964.