There is always something fun and exciting to do for residents and

visitors.  We pride ourselves on providing a high quality of life and a

large range of services.  The quiet laid back feeling and the friendly

people make Erickson a great place to be!

The name of Erickson, Manitoba comes from the British Columbia town of the same name. The village of Erickson was founded in 1880 and is located on the north shore of the nearby Cariboo River, in the province of Manitoba. It is known for its beautiful lakes and wildlife parks, as well as the ongoing community cultural events.

There is an extensive zoo that includes a miniature golf course and basketball and hockey courts. Many hiking trails wind through the area, including around old train stations. The Crowsnest Pass is the area’s main road, which leads from Erickson to the city of Fort St. John. This road also brings visitors to the park.

The larger town of Erickson was once home to a large tourist attraction: the Canadian National Exhibition. Many travellers have taken this route, which takes visitors to the largest outdoor natural park in North America.

A large number of wildlife enthusiasts come to Erickson each year. During the spring and summer, there are festivals held in the park, often featuring the colorful flora and fauna of Manitoba.

If you have never been to a holiday resort, there are many in the region that cater to families. The Rosedale Resort is a nice way to experience Erickson on your family vacation. It offers activities like the day spa and poolside meals and features a water park, ski and snow-making slopes.

Another important aspect of the area is the landscape. High mountains border the south, and it is possible to take a drive in any direction and find amazing scenery. Many of the peaks rise up to 2,000 feet, giving Erickson its unique mountain environment. A 360 degree view from the top of the skiing hill can be seen in the valley below. Winter months can be cold, but when you visit. There is no better way to spend your winter vacation than enjoying one of the many winter events held in the park.